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Hello World!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 24, 2011, 11:10 AM
Life and a Meme

Work eats me alive, but next saturday is my favorite ball again and we will attend it with two wonderful friends and unbelievably pretty new dresses, so it will be TEH AWSOMENESS! Apparently I'm looking forward to it very much, but beforehand... 3 days of work and one day of school. But I'll live through it... I'll live.

At the moment I don't feel very well physically, but I try to get totally better and totally fit again at the moment. Christmas was superspecialawsome but it also made me fat and I'm SOOOOOO depressive .... daaaamn I'm not allowed to live >___> I need to lose at least 10 pounds.

We decided to attend the LBM in Leipzig this year, which is cool. And we will wear out Togainu no Chi costumes there and one (totally random) new costume (from a totally NOT NEW anime we recently watched) A lot of you may know this show, but I don't want to tell yet what it will be. BUT IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN (and a really cute couple :) )  

Our Togainu no Chi group will be totally awsome btw, because we'll have Kiriwar and Keisuke and it will rock :D (And I will get mobbed.... I KNOW it >__>' )

Okey so... after reading all of my bleh, have a meme I saw at NanjoKoji's and just wanted to fill out. In an elitist way of course, because I'm such an elitist cosplayer >D


-What was your first cosplay?
Sailor Moon (for a carnival's party XD I was around 11 years old or something XD)

-Did someone get you into cosplay? Or on your own?
Just me.

-What is your favourite cosplay?
That's difficult, I'd say it's a draw between Akira, Masaomi and Ruki :D I love those kind of characters and I had the most fun with them, but I love ALL of my cosplays, because I always give my best and only do characters I simply love.

-Which is your least favourite?
It's Cloud, because I didn't feel very good wearing it. But it was cool... for the moment.

-At conventions, do people compliment you on your cosplays?
Sure thing. But it depends on the size of the fandom how often it happens :)

-How many have you done?
I'm too lazy to count now, but it should be somewhere around 60.

-What are the top 5 on your list of "Want to Cosplay"?
My secret chracter I planned :D; Kyle (from our own series); Masaomi (in a special outfit); Maya (from occult academy); Another version of my secret character :D

-What female cosplay do you want to do most?
It's all about Maya and Haruhi. (I only like bossy females :D )

-What male cosplay do you want to do most?
Kyle! Because he's such a cutie and I love him.

-Your most memorable experience? What makes it so memorable?
Oh there were a lot of memorable experiences, especially back when I cosplayed Kingdom Hearts. Everything was memorable those times. But one thing was really cool when I wore my orange jumpsuit Garnet for the first time, and I was really unsure about my body. But people complimented me (at the toilets when I was waiting for Zidane lol) and it was very nice and cute.

-Your most recent cosplay?
Akira (Togainu no Chi)

-What do you prefer? Cosplaying in a group or on your own?
I prefer cosplaying in a pair with my girlfriend. It always feels the best and is the most fun. Having a nice group additionally is also quite nice, but sometimes really stressful. Having groups of 4 is mostly the best number.

1. What was your primary reason for wanting to cosplay.
I'm a roleplayer and I wanted to live the characters. Plus I like sewing.

2. When cosplaying what do you feel is most important? (ex. Detail , character portrayal,ect.)
For me the most important about the person is the face. It has to fit the character and the mimic. Second is the feeling the person gives and if it fits the character. Third is a detailed and nicely sewn costume made with love. Oh and the wig/hair. If the wig/hair is shit everything is.

3. Do you have someone who inspires you to cosplay? If so who?
I'm inspired by myself, my girlfriend, roleplaying and the characters ^.-

4. Everyone has a pet peeve when it comes to cosplay. What is yours?
I hate superficial photographers and cosplayers who think that a nice body is everything about a cosplay.

5. Do you prefer to buy or make your cosplays?
I prefer to make them.

6. When deciding on how you want your cosplay to look , what goes through your mind. (ex. Does the fabric/material have to look like the picture)
Would I fit the character? Would it be fun to pose and act as him? How would the character look in 3D and what would his clothes and hair look like in real life? What type of guy/girl would it be in real life and can I impersonate him well?  

7. What type of characters do you enjoy cosplaying.
When it comes to male it's the side or main character type who is full of problems and has a dark past and is kind of aggressive and/our cool. And he mostly is 'emo' but would do everything for his love/friends. Also mostly he's stylish and dresses in a fashionable or nice way. And he has wild hair and blue or darkbrown eyes.
When it comes to females, it's the tsundere type. It's always... the tsundere type. (Sometimes it's the 'nice but sad girl from the neighbourhood' but only rarely)

8. How do you choose the characters you cosplay as?
I watch a show and I am amazed by them or inspired.

9. Are there any cosplays that you wish you could pull off?
I wish I could pull off Death the Kid, but with a more feminine figure it just looks like shit ^^"

10. Do you have any cosplays that you will never do. Why?
Lightning from FF13. I like her and my face looks a bit similar to hers, but it's just not my type of outfit and I don't like it that so many people already did her ^^"

11. Do you believe that a person has to have certain qualities to pull off a cosplay? (ex. Facial structure ....ect.)
Yes, they should be able to LIVE the character.

12. What are some of your dream cosplays?
At the moment I don't have any. But I'd like to do some superspecialawsome Disney cosplay somewhen >D

13. Why do you want to be these characters?
If there'd be any, then because I like them and I can identify with them. I see them and I think "That's soooooo me".

14. What is your primary reason for cosplaying?
I love roleplaying and I love creating things. It's exciting to see photos of myself from so many different characters and I'm always curious about which looks I can pull off well.

15. Do you have any tips to give people about cosplaying?
Don't be delusional, you don't have to look like a model to do a good cosplay, but you have to put your heart in it and the clothing style should fit you and your body type. If it's not "you" in one way or another, you're just a person in costume, like a clown in a circus.

Thanks for your interest! See ya next time!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

My name is Majin and I'm 24 years old. I am a cosplayer, artist and I love all kind of arts. I design clothes privately, paint, draw and do webdesign.

I study computer science at a good university in NRW/Germany.

I have a girlfriend (:iconkayleighloire:) and we're together for 3 years now. We live together in a nice apartment in a little beautiful town and overall my life rocks most of the time. I'm a very happy and optimistic person but I'm also a sucker for perfection.

When it comes to cosplay, I'm always doing characters that really suit my feeling and my character in one or another way. I love my hobby and I take it very serious while I have also a lot of fun with it!

Kayleigh and me have a cosplay homepage that we hold very dear. We'd be happy if you visit it too ^___^

Nice to meet you!

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite photographer: Moku, Franky, Julian, LEMON <3
Favourite style of art: Acrylic Canvas Painting
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: my mobile
Favourite cartoon character: Roxas, Bakura
Personal Quote: Of course I'm a f*cking God! So start treating me like one!


:iconfinalfantasy9cosplay: :iconthegazettecosplay:


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